ISOGENOTEC® / Silvercladd®

Isogenotec is an innovative insulation cladding material, which is used to replace most metal jacketing systems, including aluminium and stainless steel. This multi layer laminate consists of several layers of plastic material with an aluminium layer in between. This aluminium layer guarantees an effective vapour barrier, 100% water tightness and appealing look. The facing film is UV-light stabilized and can be therefore used for the indoor and outdoor applications.

Isogenotec is flame retardant and has a shape memory effect which avoids dents and wrinkles, produced by mechanical abuse, thus maintaining a pleasant look.

adobe-icon-24 Isogenotec/Silvercladd Product Description
adobe-icon-24 Isogenotec / Silvercladd short manual

The application of Isogenotec® / Silvercladd® you can also open as a web-book in our website .