The most recent flyer to download and print under the following links:

adobe-icon-24 EKAFOL: Again and again, PVC form parts are exposed to the heat, mosttly in the summer months. Please note, PVC starts to soften from 60°C.

adobe-icon-24 Silvercladd® 800: The perfect solution against corrosion under insulation

adobe-icon-24 Folder: Overview of the main product-groups of Sebald

adobe-icon-24 EKAPLAST: Halogen-free cladding with UV and high chemical resistance, as an alternative for insulated pipes

adobe-icon-24 EKATHERM-FL: Polyethylene soft boxes for valves with durable surface and universal design

adobe-icon-24 EKAFIX: Foil cutters Multifix and Combifix. Handle for increased comfort – reduce hand fatigue!