Sebald Iso-Systeme GmbH u. Co. KG celebrates it’s 100. years Jubilee

The leading manufacturers of cladding systems for thermal insulations, SEBALD Iso-Systeme GmbH & Co.KG, still running as a family-owned company in the third generation, was founded 1908 as a contractor for insulations in Munich, Germany, by Friedrich Keutner. As the founder died in 1932 his son, Ernst Keutner, only 24 years old, took over the company’s management and expanded activities by producing insulating bricks in Schönhofen, near Regensburg.

After the 2nd World War, with a lack of qualified personnel for insulation contracting, Ernst Keutner, also a clever inventor, experimented with different coatings and cladding material on pipe insulations to substitute the labour intensive gypsum coat.

He succeeded finally 1962 when his idea, to use a plastic film of pvc with an inherent curl, found the interest of the plastic manufacturer Kalle AG, a department of Hoechst AG. Ernst Keutner, with his partner Kalle AG, began to market the new cladding system made of pvc under the name of ISOGENOPAK® through out of Germany and in the adjacent European countries. Whilst Kalle AG was manufacturing the pvc-film on rolls, Keutner soon developed a vast range of forms (bends, tees, caps and valves) and accessories to complete this labour-saving cladding system.
Within short time, the ISOGENOPAK® -system substituted the former gypsum-coating completely on domestic pipe-insulations.

The expanding production of ISOGENOPAK®-forms made a reorganisation in the company necessary. The manufacture of cladding systems was run under the name of SEBALD, where as the contractor kept the name Ernst Keutner (Keutner Dämmtechnik GmbH).

The big success of the ISOGENOPAK® encouraged the company’s management (in the meantime ruled by Ernst Keutner’s daughter, Edith Holl-Keutner) to develop further cladding systems for industrial insulation and out-door appliances. It was therefore only logical, that SEBALD created the cladding systems EKAMET (of metal), EKAMAT (of aluminium foil) and EKATEC (a combination of plastic and aluminium).

Also today, it is the SEBALD philosophy to serve the insulation contractor with pre-fabricated and labour-saving products and systems and to market them with the help of reliable partners, close to the end-customers.