All responsible data sheets and further information to the individual products you will find under the point “Products”.

Genaral data sheets:

adobe-icon-24 EKAFOL PVC – standard foil (also Isogenopak®)
adobe-icon-24 EKAFOL PVC – white foil
adobe-icon-24 EKAFOL PVC – form parts

adobe-icon-24 EKATEC / Silvercladd Alu multilayer – foil
adobe-icon-24 EKATEC Alu multilayer – form parts

adobe-icon-24 EKAPLAST free of halogenes – foil + form parts

adobe-icon-24 EKAMAT grained aluminum

adobe-icon-24 EKAMET aluminum
adobe-icon-24 EKAMET galvanized steel

adobe-icon-24 EKATHERM-FL soft boxes for valves
adobe-icon-24 EKATHERM PU hard boxes for valves

Safety Data Sheets

adobe-icon-24 EKAFOL PVC